Mmmm... sopapillas

I’m Jacob Miller, a kid with a bubbly personality and a whole slew of interests. I’ve been a nerd practically since birth, a tendency further spurred on by an engineering education at Olin College and a graduate career studying exotic architectures for quantum computation. Although the details and focus of my technical interests have changed as I’ve grown, my guiding light has always been a complete fascination with the definite yet elusive link tying together abstract mathematical models and the real-world complexities they attempt to describe. More recently, this fascination has turned me towards the world of machine learning, where I’m hell-bent on developing useful theoretical frameworks to better categorize the diverse behavior encountered in modern deep learning research.

I also have interests that don’t involve math or science or computers. I travel a lot, and view the whole enterprise as a great opportunity to meet humanity in all our wonderfully many forms. I’m a bit of a nerd about Chinese history, culture, and language, and recently completed a four month backpacking and language immersion trip through East Asia. I love dancing to good music, drinking good tea, and spending time with those who are near and dear to me.

What’s with the website name?

I’m a James Joyce fan, and encountered this unlikely statement while reading (okay, more like skimming) the epic Finnegans Wake:

Shem is short for Shemus as Jem is joky for Jacob.

The phrase “Jem is joky for Jacob” struck me as an incredible coincidence, since my initials are JEM, my given name is Jacob, and I’m rather a joky fellow. And thus jemisjoky was born.

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