Moustache Not Included

You have entered the personal webpage of Jacob Miller, a physics PhD graduate and general curious character with an interest in math, science, computers, and everything in between. My graduate research under Dr. Akimasa Miyake involved finding manifestations of the concept of phases of matter (like solid, liquid, gas, etc.) within different platforms for quantum computation, something which left me with a wide-ranging technical toolbox and an unconventional style of problem solving. I’m currently doing volunteer research at the Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms (MILA), leveraging my nontraditional perspectives to develop better learning models, but am on the hunt for a paid job which would allow me to work on machine learning at scale.

I’m also a big fan of travel, and love story-worthy adventures, trying things for the first time, and meeting people from different backgrounds and walks of life. I have a lot of scattered interest, and my hope is to share more of them here in the future. Anyhow, feel free to browse around, and get in touch if you have any questions!